Small Room Detox

A dear reader asked me for advice keeping my small room as clean as possible. So, here we go:

1/ Locate disturbing factors
I am truly not the best organized person in the world. But a few things really annoy me when I see them lying around, for example magazines, accessories, laundry. To calm down the feeling of the room I have folders for magazines and documents as well as boxes for my jewelry.

2/ Use your space efficiently
Not having a lot of space really made me inventive positioning my furniture. I put my clothes rail behind my bed and used the small place between dresser and bed for my beloved vintage stool which also serves as a bedside table. By placing your furniture right you can save a lot of space in your room and enlarge it visually. Just try playing a few rounds of real-life tetris to figure it out!

3/ Hide
Hiding ugly things is obvious. I used to throw everything under my bed and was never successful when searching for it. So, I bought some Boxes with Labels and labeled old packaging boxes myself. Now I know exactly what's in there, which saves a lot of time!

4/ Get rid of old habits
As I grew older, many of the hobbies I used to have faded from the spotlight - the remnants stayed. The materials were blocking a lot of space in my desk and lockers and as I did not want to buy larger ones I had to solve the problem. As they weren't used and needed anymore I donated a lot to preschools. It really was relieving and I don't even miss a bit. 
Another point is collecting. I loved to collect notebooks of all kind. Point is: I never used more than one or two at a time but bought like 20. Such a waste! Now I tend to give them away as goodie when sending something that I sold online. My drawer is emptying step-by-step and I can concentrate on the notebooks I really love.

5/ Let things go
Detoxing my room really helped me figuring out what I really loved and needed. The remaining things that were too good for the trash can were placed in a box at the edge of the road with a sign. I put it there in the morning before leaving the house and when I came back the box was empty. Somebody even wrote "Thank you!" on my sign, which really brightened my day. 
Other stuff I sold online or donated to charity. Now only the "important" things remain in my room and it is almost resounding because of the emptiness...

6/ Support your local library
Large book collections have always been truly admired by me. Nothing looks as sophisticated as a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf filled with great literature. But for me, it is not important to own books after reading them. They need space and I have to buy more shelfs and pay more rent because they need storage space. Plus if you ever tried selling used books you will know the disappointingly low prices you earn. The best option in my opinion is a library card. I pay 12€ for the whole year and can borrow everything that I want. Even if I dislike the book, I can return it and look for something else.

7/ Use plain cases
Using cases in the same color as my cupboard and walls almost made them invisible. They are no longer standing out and disturbing the room's aesthetic. The same with my bottle of water: I got a plain undisposable glass bottle for my birthday and I love it so much! Nothing's worse than ugly labeled bottles of discount water. As I am preferring tap water anyway (good for the environment, no harmful plastic bottles and no trash) I will keep it forever.

8/ No more back-ups
I confess, I am a back-up buyer. Especially when it comes to sunglasses. I own at least 15 (after detoxing) and still like to browse for new ones. As I can only wear one at a time, it is pretty silly. I set myself the rule, that I am not allowed to buy new ones until the old ones are broken or lost. Therefore, I will never have to buy one ever again...
The same procedure is with nail polish, tights and shower foam. I will only buy something new if the old ones are used up. We are not living in a famine, so there is no reason for panic buying.

9/ Embrace white walls
Another super obvious advice is to undecorate the walls. Maybe it is nice to see your beloved ones on pictures hanging all across the walls. To me, it is constricting. I like plain walls, they give so much room. 

10/ Decorate carefully
"Less is more" is the right mantra when it comes to decorating. I see my room as a 24/7 vernissage in which I only want to display the masterpieces. Imagine a museum with a few great pieces of art interfered with hundreds of lousy ones. The great art would not have the attention it deserves and over all you would say the gallery was "okay" because you wouldn't have had the opportunity to focus. Focus on very few things and give away the rest.

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Grinsebacke hat gesagt…

wow, schön geschrieben und an einigen Stellen musste ich schmunzeln, weil ich mich "ertappt" gefühlt hab :D Muss auch unbedingt mal aussortieren, bin wieder richtig motiviert nach deinem Post. :)

The Wisdom of the Fox hat gesagt…

Freut mich, dass ich dich motivieren konnte :)

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